Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come close, I must tell you something.

How are we all? Doing rather well I hope. Sorry about the incredible amount of time between posts, but I know that we have all been extremely super busy, but now that I've a little time up my sleeve, I thought I would share these few things with you.

Presenting, for your consideration, a Timelapse:



"That's a bit of alright!"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool."

You may have said something like that, or not. Your response may have been a little more like "It's so slow!"

And for that, there is a reason, and that reason is best explained by the following 2 videos. (taken for your consideration!)

And that's how I got the pics for my timelapse.

Interesting? maybe.

Quite silly? more likely.

The photos were loaded into Lightroom, in their own catalogue, and I grabbed the first image and tweaked, using autotone and punch presets, as well as a darkening gradient filter on the sky, and a lightening gradient filter on the land. I also applied some noise reduciton, sharpening, and a light vignette. Once I was happy with the first image, I copied and pasted those setting to all the images.

The time consuming element came in exporting the images, when you've got 5688 images (the number I quoted in the video was wrong!), Lightroom doesn't like exporting all that at once. I ended up having to export them in 500 image lots. Collating them together didn't take long, dropping the exported shots into Microsoft Movie Maker, setting a frame interval of 0.03sec, and BINGO! a timelapse video is born.

A boring, BORING timelapse video, in dire need of some sweet tunes. For musical inspiration I turned to the In B Flat project.... where I ended up recording my music from.

and that, as they say, is that.


Please enjoy, and don't forget to visit Kane's, Matt's, Mel's and My Flickr Streams!

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