Saturday, September 19, 2009



Some my find this strange, but until today I've not had a backup system!

Here I am, a retired IT geek, turn footwear merchandiser (we all have day jobs), without a system in place, to save me in the event of disaster!

Well that all changed today...

I’ve gone from running 3x 80GB internal drives (the last two years), to the same 3 drives with a 1TB WD ext drive, (last two years to current) and now I've finally bought a 2nd TB drive for my drive caddy, so now my system is as follows;

3x 80GB (boot and programs etc)
2x 1TB drives (both external, both on USB 2.0)

Main TB drive for saving, and my new caddy drive for backup, runs daily overnight using MS Sync Toys 2.0.

I now have a USB 2.0 hub, which controls my iPhone charger, a CF card reader, and my backup drive caddy!

Welcome me to the future.

Backup? Do you run one? It’s a must these days.


  1. Works like a charm padawan ;) Oh and you forgot to mention the use of Echo in MS Sync Toys.

  2. For my photos - I just use SyncBack (freeware) to duplicate between 2 hard drives in my system. I figure it's fairly unlikely that two will pop at once.

    Generally, we have a server running opensolaris with drives in raid-z and i use syncback to send stuff over ftp to it nightly.

    Nice blog guys... I'll be keeping an eye on it :)

  3. Be Careful with synctoy it cant handle huge files, I tried that once and got burnt. My current working systen is as follows:

    1) Upload photos to laptop
    2) Copy photos from laptop to old desktop as fileserver, which when I get the okay will become get a rebuild with 2 addition 1TB hard drives :)
    3) Nightly Rsync job to copy files from one drive to the other, I used to have this happening over the network, but now all in one box, bad idea yes but I am not totally paranoid :)