Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey all, well Matt, Kane and Myself are back form our awesomely super Epic Missions to Coffs Harbour, and we're thoroughly enjoying going through and processing the photos. If their collection of photos from the trip is anything like'll take a while.

Slowly but surely photos from the trip will be released on our individual Flickr Streams, as well as a special write-up for this blog. W'e ve got photos, video panoramas, video tutorials and plenty of great location talk to bring your way, so please hang around and check back in for that...

But for now, we've got a million photos to sort. ^_^

Matt's Flickr Stream
Kane's Flickr Stream
J.P's Flickr Stream
Epic Missions Regular, Mel Sinclair's Flickr Stream


  1. Great work guys. I love the first few photo's up on flickr and look froward tot hte video's and other shots soon.

    Oh and the link to JP's photostream isnt correct. :-)

  2. Hey Mate, thanks for pointing that out!, As you can see I was a little tired when putting that post together!


  3. Yeah mate thanks, Coffs Harbour is a great place.